About Golden8

Before spinning, you must place a bet. You can bet from 1 to 3 half dollar coins on each of the eight paylines (up to 24 total). The payoffs for a winning line are based on the coins bet on that line, not the total coins bet on all lines. To see the payoffs look at the payoff chart.

PLEASE NOTE -- the first payline is the center line. The second is the top line. The third is the bottom line. The fourth line runs from the upper-left square to the lower-left square. The fifth line runs from the upper-middle square to the lower-middle square. The sixth line runs from the upper-right square to the lower-right square. The seventh is diagonal from the top left to the bottom right. The eighth payline runs diagonally from the bottom left to the top right symbol.

Let's assume that you bet $0.50 on the first payline, $1.00 on the second and third payline and the maximum bet of $1.50 on the fourth and seventh one. The total is $5.50:

After spinning, the slot wheels look like this. It means that you won $11.00:

1st payline won nothing:
2nd payline doubled your bet and won $2.00:
3rd payline won nothing:
4th payline doubled your bet and won $3.00:
7th payline quadrupled your bet and won $6.00:
3 lemons would also pay off very well but you placed no bet on the 6th payline. Too bad!

There are two kinds of bonuses in the game. The progressive bonus pool (JACKPOT) continually increases as players bet and play until it is won. The only way to win the bonus pool is to get three of the "BAR" symbols on any of the paylines. You must be betting the maximum 3 coins to win the bonus pool.

At the start of a new game, there are six small diamonds located under your account information. Each time you get three or more diamonds at once on the screen, one diamond symbol is highlighted. When all six diamond symbols are highlighted, you get one free BONUS SPIN. Not every bonus spin will win, but the spins that do win may be quite large. The amount won will be based on the amount bet on the last normal spin. This is where strategy plays a role - you may want to increase your bet when you are close to earning the bonus spin.

Continuing our example, the next spin brings a winning combination on the third line. If you do not change your bets, you won $25.00! One more bonus symbol will also be highlighted as three diamonds appear.