About Fruit Mania

Before spinning the reels of the Fruit Mania slot machine you must place a bet. Select the amount you wish to bet on a single payline and the number of paylines you wish to play on. To place your bets you can use the bet table below the slot machine or the Bet Up/Down or Lines Up/Down buttons on the machine. The payoff chart is visible below the machine. Once your bets are placed hit the Spin or Max Bet buttons to spin the reels of Fruit Mania!

Bonus Meter

There are 5 bonus features on the Bonus Meter. Every time you hit three scatter "Level Up" symbols, one field on the Bonus Meter lightens up. When you hit three scatter "Bonus" symbols, the highest bonus feature with at least one field lit is activated. If you lighten up all 14 fields on the Bonus Meter and hit three "Level UP" symbols, the highest bonus feature - Fruit Mania is activated.

While a bonus feature is activated, all spins are FREE and the settings of your bets and paylines from the last regular spin is used. For every scatter "+1 Bonus Round" symbol hit during the bonus spins, you get one extra bonus spin.

You can enjoy the following bonus features:

Free Spins x3

You play at least 3 Free Spins.

Free Spins x5

You play at least 5 Free Spins.

Double Wins x7

All wins are doubled for at least 7 Free Spins.

Wild Cherry x10

All Cherry symbols are wild for at least 10 Free Spins.

Fruit Mania x15

A special bonus combination is activated for at least 15 Free Spins. Any combination of fruit symbols pays out!


The following pictures display the layout of the 15 paylines of the Fruit Mania online slot machine.

If you hit five "BAR" symbols on a payline while betting at least a total of $10 per spin, you win the Progressive Jackpot.


Please note that for a payoff combination to be won, symbols on a payline must start at the left-most reel and be adjacent.