BETTING TABLE: Before spinning, you must place a bet. High rollers who like the game of slots will like the Booster - you can bet from 1 up to 10 half dollar coins ($0.50 - $5.00) on the main payline per single spin. There is only one payline at the Booster game. The payoff for the payline is based on the coins bet. To see the payoffs, look at the payoff chart.


BOOST: When the lever is pulled, the reels spin. The BOOST symbol is wild and can substitute for any other symbol in the payline (except the WIN/LOSE symbol). Every time the BOOST symbol is going to appear, the game is interrupted and you can select either to keep the current bet placed or "boost" your bet 10 times by clicking on the small lever under the big one. Remember - at least one BOOST symbol is guaranteed in the payline's final result at this time. Assuming you made a $5 bet, you have the choice of BOOSTING your bet to $50 per the following spin or to keep your original bet of $5! This feature allows you the possibility of an amazing win; and if your BOOSTED bet does not win this time, don't worry. The full BOOSTED bet is also added to your Fund!

THE FUND: If you do not win, the bet lost is always added to the special Fund. The amount of the bet is not important. Considering our example above, the Fund would be increased with $50 if you boosted and lost. The Fund can be cashed anytime for 10% of its value or you may wish to wait to try to recover ALL of your previously lost wagers by hitting the special WIN/LOSE spin. This special spin is initiated every time you get 3 chip symbols on the payline. When this occurs, you are no longer allowed to cash out the Fund for 10% of its value; your next spin will start a very unique round. Three WIN symbols on the payline will win the entire Fund. Otherwise, the entire value of the Fund is lost and the Fund is reset to $0. You must decide whether to recover 10% of your lost wagers or to wait for the WIN/LOSE round and try to recapture 100% of the Fund...


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