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W E E K L Y   D R A W   W I N N E R S
Results from Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 9:00 GMT. CHECK LAST TIMES WINNERS.
1. G guy S. $500.00 11. Lynda M. $10.00
2. Martin l H. $100.00 12. Chauncey A. $10.00
3. Gary S. $100.00 13. Diana F. $10.00
4. Samuel C. $100.00 14. Maria V. $10.00
5. Brendon B. $100.00 15. Michelle lee W. $10.00
6. Terry C. $100.00 16. Peggy S. $10.00
7. Donna S. $100.00 17. Sharon R. $10.00
8. Jeb S. $100.00 18. Larry B. $10.00
9. Lynn M. $100.00 19. Cheryl a. C. $10.00
10. Amanda W. $100.00 20. Dolores R. $10.00


Striking Sevens strikes again! CHEWEMUP's big hit is the second jackpot won on Striking Sevens this year (read the full story):
"It took less than 1 hour to win the jackpot after I had logged in and made my deposit! I placed $200 into my account, having some spare time and change on my hands. I think this is the smartest deposit I have ever made in my life!"

OLYMPIAGOLD, a record-breaking Jackpot winner from Texas (read the full story):
"I couldn't believe MY lucky stars when the bonus spin produced THREE BARS across the fourth pay line! Just like that, I had over $163,000 in my account! My hands were sweating and I was literally shaking all over."

COWGYRLGHOST from Wyoming hits big, over 150k on Striking Sevens (read the full story):
"It was a real pleasure to award this amazing amount to one of our most faithful players who is with Slotland from its very beginning in 1998 and who visits our site almost every day. "All I can say is - FINALLY, IT HAPPENED TO ME! I am not a video blackjack fan and mostly play slots but few hands in SpaceJack showed me what gambling is all about when all of a sudden my 60 bucks became 140 grand!!! I LOVE YOU!"

ULLKNIGHT won over 100k on our special Halloween themed game called Halloween Magic (read the full story):
"After four or five unsuccessful bets I gave it a rest and went to pick up a sandwich from the fridge. Then, after couple of bites and couple of pulls on the slot machine, it happened!!! I HIT THE JACKPOT!"

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