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Payoff chart

BAD GUESS 10% if you predict only the value of the card or your prediction is completely incorrect.
SUIT ONLY 50% if you correctly predict suit of a card (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) but not the value
CORRECT 100% if you correctly predict the suit of a card as well as the value
JOKER 200% If you hit the Joker, your Bank is doubled!
JACKPOT*   if you complete the game by correctly selecting all four cards and by having all cards from different suits displayed, while having maximum bet, you win the jackpot!
* Read the full instructions to learn more about the probability of hitting the Jackpot.


Slotland introduces Four Cast, a unique card prediction game with exciting payouts. By correctly selecting the value and suit of four cards in a row, your bet multiplies exponentially! Win as much as $8,000 or even our Jackpot on a single $20 bet! Play this exciting game instantly, open a new player account and start playing within seconds.

How To Play

Four Cast is a card prediction game. At the beginning of the round, you will be dealt 4 cards face down, your bet will be multiplied by 100 and put into your Four Cast Bank. Your goal is to predict all four cards one by one and to keep your Bank as high as possible. The Bank will be paid at the end of the game.

To start playing simply select the suit and value you think will appear on the next card to be turned by using the radio buttons below the cards and then press the Deal button. If your selection of both the color and value of the card was correct, your Bank stays at 100%. If only your selection of the color is correct, your Bank is reduced by 50%. In other cases, your Bank is reduced to 10%. If you turn over a Joker, your Bank is always increased to 200% - no matter what suit or value you selected.

See full instructions for more details.

We Pay Fast

You can literally be winning some of the biggest online casino jackpots within minutes playing FourCast. This is one of the best "money slots" games online, with the chance at winning thousands (or even hit our Jackpot currently of $98391)! All withdrawals are paid by check made payable to you. Your privacy is assured. We do not require tax or Federal ID numbers as we are not incorporated in North America.

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